Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 3

July 4th, Independence Day 2010. What a great day filled with brothers and sisters in Christ. Today's picture is of a little mishap during the Oak Grove Firework Display Extravaganza 2010. Seems an errant ordnance went astray and caught a little brush-pile on fire in the field behind the church. The guys did a great job of extinguishing the flames without incident.

The firework display just capped the evening off perfectly. The first Sunday of the month we have a fellowship meal followed by Communion. We normally do not have an evening service on the first Sunday because of the length of the morning/ afternoon schedule. We do, however, sometimes have little gatherings for fellowship of the body, to grow together in different ways. Today just happened to also be July 4th, so we had a built in reason to commune together.

I count it a major blessing from the Lord to have brought us to such a wonderful church home. Since the day we stepped through the front doors we have been part of this family. We have shared tears, laughs and every emotion in between with these dear brothers and sisters. This is truly what a church family should be, not just the "see ya next Sunday mornin'" kind of congregation. We are in each others lives and truly are a body.

I am sure my upcoming picture posts will be chocked full of pictures of my church body. So the readers of this series will probably know everyone by name before this next year is finished. I count it all joy to be part of this body and love each person very dearly.

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