Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 28

Yesterday I featured a picture of our dog, Rex. Today I snapped a picture of the cat (not our cat, because I am not a cat person), Roger AKA Kick. This little fella made his way from Arkansas, from my in-laws a while back on the return trip of Chandra, Forrest and Allan. It was a surprise to me, and not in a good way. He tends to like to sleep on the treadmill, but will not stay there when it is turned on for some reason.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want anything to happen to the cat (or cats in general) I just don't want them living in my house. I have a slight allergy to cats, the are self centered, do what they want - when they want and don't listen to a thing you say. Come to think of it, they are a lot like humans, especially the lost in sin ones.

Believe me, I have had my times of being self-centered like a cat. But God changed me. I had a newly found desire to socialize with other believers when the Lord stepped in and made me a new creation. I started to get a resonance with other believers and actually wanted to get to know them, spend time with them. Very different from the old Jeff, but still a far cry from what I would like to be like. I would like to be very talkative, which I am not. I would like to be able to lead our Sunday School class, which I fell unworthy to do, incapable as well. I mostly would like to be able to witness to people more openly. I am not a very good at conversation, so thinking about it I guess it is a good thing as I must lean on the Lord for the strength to share instead of trying to say everything from a script or just talking nonsense. I must lean on God for strength and He has been good to allow me to speak to those He wanted me to. I am perfectly content just sowing the seed of His Word, not looking to push "decisions" or "lead someone to the Lord". If anyone "decides" or "finds Jesus" it is because He decided to pursue them and He found them, they just reacted to His love and grace. What an awesome God we serve and to think He loves me is the most awesome thing I know.

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