Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 24

This is the McDonald's Drive-Thru sign that is closest to my house. I stopped by on the way home from church this evening, #6 of course.

What restaurant signs always remind me of is this is how most people see Christianity. They believe they can just pull up, order up their favorite off of the menu and totally ignore the rest.
"I'd like a large order of love, a side of grace and an extra large grace. Oh and add a large peace with that too please".
"Would you like some repentance or holiness to go with that? We also have judgment if you feel you need some of that."
"No thank you, just give me the easy to swallow stuff."
"Thank you, please pull around."

That's how it usually goes with those that are casual attenders of church, those that are deceived/ false converts and those that have a lopsided view of God. People want to fixate on the "good" things of God and Christianity, but when it comes to the harder to swallow things, they start having issues and usually just ignore them.

Things like repentance, depravity, original sin, hell, judgment and personal holiness seem to go by the wayside. Things like love, acceptance, forgiveness and grace are always the topics while the others I mentioned are ignored. This gives a very distorted and incorrect view of God, His attributes and Christianity. God is indeed love, forgives, accepts and pours out grace every second of the day, but He also is Judge, demands holiness, expects discernment from His children and demands repentance.

The opposite is also an issue, too much focus on the harsher things of God instead of focusing on the "good" things is just as harmful. There must be balanced because God is all those things mentioned and more. I struggle with balance, but by God's grace He is directing my path to know Him better. He is giving me the whole menu and not just the parts I picked out that I want to fixate on.

Praise Him that He doesn't give up on us, that He continually sanctifies us along the path.

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