Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 21

This could quite possibly be the most disturbing thing I have seen for sale in a flea market atmosphere. Well, actually in any atmosphere. It is a child's casket. I didn't touch it or play in it ( I was afraid the people that worked there might kick me out if I did), but the handwritten tag on it stated that it was from 1935 and that it was an "original", whatever that means.

The first question that popped into my head was, "Where's the body that was in it?" Quickly followed by the answer in my head, "You big dummy, the casket was never used." Which brought another question up, "Why did someone buy a casket, have a nameplate put on it, then not use it and the why did they keep it?" That was the thought process the whole time I stood there with a wrinkled forehead trying to figure it out. Then the final question of, "Jeff, why are you taking a picture of this anyway?"

As I meandered through the rest of the flea market, known simply as "The Shed", I started thinking about everyone's mortality. We are all going to die, that is the ultimate statistic that we are all a part of. The only way you're not going to be a part is if you're still alive when the Lord returns for us. I then started wondering about children and what becomes of them when they die. I have heard several sides of the arguments, age of accountability, all kids will go to heaven, etc. But, what is the biblical standing on the death of a child that would fit into this casket?

I will need to study up on the subject, but the nagging thought is Romans 3:23 all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I am assuming, but not taking too much of a leap, that all means ALL, in any context. We are all born into sin and do not have to be taught or shown how to sin, it is in our nature and it comes quite natural to ALL of us. The second nagging thought, since the children do not even know what sin means, are they held accountable for it? 1 John 5:17 says that all unrighteousness is sin, so that means the unrighteousness of a child is sin unto God as an adults is.

But as compassionate people, mothers and fathers, we don't want to think about our children in danger of hellfire and damnation. But does it really matter what we do and don't want to do? What matters is what God has said to us in His Word. I am very open to hearing arguments in any facet of this topic. I do not have a firm stance on anything, except God is sovereign in all things and He works all things for our good and to His glory. We are His workmanship created to do good works that He prepared beforehand.

One thing to think about is if we start to excuse childrens sins, do we not have to start excusing the sins of the adults that may have never heard of Jesus? Do we then must say because they did not know they were sinning against the Holy God of the Bible that their sins will be overlooked too? Would someone that lives in solitude then be able to live a life pleasing to themselves, full of selfishness and not give thanks to God, give glory to God and live like a heathen and still be able to spend eternity with the Lord? We must always remember that God's ways are definitely not our ways, praise the Lord for that. If we knew why God did things the way He does, we would then be like God, which we are not. I am, for one, thankful that God has it all under control, that He is directing my path and that He loved me enough to give His Son for me, to take my punishment upon Him as the spotless Lamb, to take away my sins. Oh, what a Savior He is.

Please join the conversation here. I very much welcome your views, your scripture choices that prove your views and any other information you care to give. I hope to be enlightened and to learn from this and I pray that everyone that happens across this posting will as well.


Camillia said...

This as well has me wondering, for a few years now actually. Age of accountability, accountable for what we understand etc etc. Im not sure in the mind/eyes of a child. unborn maybe. still...but Romans 1:20 certainly takes care of alot of that. Adults certainly, people in solitude, or away from ever hearing about Gods sacrifice for them. I am thankful that we can turn to Him, away from our selfish/wickedness minus a church building, or "plan of salvation" being spoken to us. I too am interested in understanding this much more.

Missy said...

John Piper has a well-said opinion here: but I too wish the Bible said more on the topic.

Jeff said...

I really want to believe that all children go on to be in heaven if they die. Really. I'm still not 100% in believing that though. It adds the question, if all children are saved somehow does that then make another way? If they continue to live at what time is that form of grace taken away or removed?

What I kinda gathered from Piper's comment was that their is not an age of accountability, but an accountability at understanding. I'm on my way out to work, so I will need to re-read the Piper answer and still dive deepr into the Word and look at other godly mens findings through scripture.

This "work" thing really gets in the way sometimes.