Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 2

As you can see by my second picture of my "Year In My Life" series, it is not a normal subject. This creature sits between Marion Illinois and Carbondale Illinois on Rout 13.

It seems that someone or some business in the area is protesting a IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) project. From the signage it is not quite clear what the project is going to be and I don't really want to invest any time in researching it, so I'm going to have to leave you all hanging on that aspect.

I saw this today on a daytrip with Chandra, just a little time away fom Paducah to get a bite to eat and see scenery other than Paducah. We like to do this fairly often, just to get away and be together. The car rides are a time that we can talk and just be together. Today I was trying to see something that might be a good subject for a picture of the day and I knew that it should be this demon/ pig/ dragon creature. It was confirmed by Chandra.

So what spiritual implications does this thing have? At first I thought it might have been a church that put this thing by the highway to issue a "turn or burn" statement. I can honestly say I was really relieved that it wasn't. I am all for preaching a turn or burn message, but it has to be done in the fullness of the Gospel. You must let people know their state of depravity, their state of rejection of the living God of scripture, their course in purchasing their road to hell and destruction. BUT - you must always follow that up with the good news, not just scare the hell out of someone, you must let them know that Christ was sent by the Father to atone for their sins and save them from their road to hell AND a sinful lifestyle that does not glorify God.

So that was going to be my post on this demonic blowup that draws attention on the roadways in Illinois. The IDOT protest just kind of ruined it, but in a good way. I already had some of the lines thought out about professing Christians that are shocking and deceiving in their message. They like to point fingers and go to the extreme to tell people they are going to hell (which they are) but never seem to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. These folks probably don't know the fullness of the gospel themselves. Pray for people like this who might mean well, or just might be mean. They need to see the love of Christ as well. Their boldness could be used in good ways instead of perceived hate.

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