Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 12

I had a little help with today's picture. My wife sent this to me after she got off work today. This is the McDonalds, err, uh, the rubble from the Mcdonalds restaurant that I featured a few days ago. Looks like they are on the ball with the destruction of the old.

It is a lot easier to tear down something. It also is a lot faster to tear something down than to build it up. People are a lot like that. You can spend years building and nurturing a relationship with someone and one wrong word or action can destroy it in an instance. That is the danger with putting trust in a person, because no matter how much you want to trust them, they will always let you down in some form or fashion.

There is only One that will not ever let you down, that will never leave you or forsake you. Jesus Christ. You can rest easy when you put your faith and trust in Him. But a side benefit to that is when others do let you down, that relationship is not destroyed. You may have a temporary lapse of bad feelings, but any true child of God will always see it as another opportunity to lean on Jesus. To let the love of the Father flow and offer as much forgiveness as it takes to mend that relationship. After all, look at what Christ gave even though He already knew that we would breach His love and sacrifice. He still offers us the undeserved forgiveness and we joyfully accept it, almost as if we expect it.

So the next time you have a rift with a friend, co-worker, spouse or anyone else - just remember that a relationship can and will be destroyed in an instant if you put your faith in a person and not on Jesus.

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