Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 10

Well, another screen capture instead of an actual picture. This is one of those "captcha" safety features used across the web to keep spamming down. I'm not sure that they actually work and I get really annoyed sometimes when I can't read what they say.

This one, however, really was easy to read and I really agree with how the words aligned. Normally these are just 2 random words that make no sense at all when placed together. As you can see, this one actually proclaims that "He created" and yes He did. He created everything, out of nothing, with His Word.

This brings me to asking, "How can everything in the universe come from nothing in an explosion?" You know, after all, explosions destroy and cause chaos not order. Take a look at creation and see the intricate work of the Master's hands. How can so many things just "happen" by mere coincidence? What came first, the human body's blood, the veins it runs through, the heart that pumps it, the organs or the body it sustains? You can't have one without the others, so they all came into existence at the same time - hence "God created".

He also still creates. He created a new heart in me. One that he conformed and continues to conform to His will. Have you experienced a new heart from Him? Has He created you anew?

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