Friday, July 2, 2010

A Year In My Life Through Pictures Day 1

This is a picture of my beautiful wife Chandra. What else could I have taken a picture of on day 1? Nothing. God has blessed me with my wife, she is His love gift to me. Our relationship has had many ups and many downs, but God used all of them to bring us closer together. Ephesians 5:25 is a very dear verse for me in which God opened up to me when we were going through a relationship valley. The valley which God used to actually bring us closer together as we learned what a real marriage should be, a reflection of Christs love for His church, His bride.

As a husband I was commanded to love Chandra as Christ loves the church. WOW! That is a very tall order, that I fail at miserably. But I discovered that I, as a husband, must give my life for my bride , maybe not in a physical sense but in a dying to self since. I would lay my life down for her physically if ever warranted, but I must lay it down daily as I strive to be more Christlike in my every action. She completes me, she supports me, she is my love and I can not bare to think of life without her.

For those reasons and more my wife, Chandra, is day 1 of my year long journal. She was acting shy for the picture, but she is normally very willing to be photographed. I am sure over the next 364 pictures she will be the focus or participant as well. I love my wife dearly and thank God for her constantly as she is my Lords love gift to me.

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