Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Season Finale (Or how I "lost" 6 years of Tuesday nights)

As a fan of Lost for the past 6 seasons I have had about every emotion thrown at me. You kinda get to know the characters of a show that you invest so much time in. I guess I now would like a refund on the last 6 years of Tuesday night back.

The final season was a setup for the afterlife, one that the producers seemed to condone as an “all roads lead to heaven” kinda place. As of right now (within 30 minutes of the final credits) I cannot find the end all screen capture posted on the web, but when I do I will post it to this posting. By “end all” I mean my watching Lost, partaking of any extended series books, stories, TV shows, movies, etc. ***Update - just posted a screen capture of the stained glass window in my part 2 to this post***

I will not go into detail, but the ending was very disappointing to me, as a Christian. The “church” where the cast met to be taken into the afterlife had a stained glass window, prominently displayed, with many different religious symbols in it. I assume because they did not want to offend anyone of religions other than Christianity, so they represented several other faiths in the glass. It seems they would have wanted to start the “all roads lead to heaven” story a lot sooner than the finale, say maybe back when they were throwing in a whole lot of biblical references. I can’t seem to recall any Islamic or Taoist text being recited or shown carved in sticks. Christianity was just a side story line that I thought was just that, a diversion for some other central story. And it was, as Christianity now has been brought down to the level of the false religions of the world to many millions of people. But with one fell swoop, the producers have done what Oprah, Obama and so many other Universalists have been trying to do for so long, indoctrinate that all roads lead to heaven into the mindset of the masses.

I am sorely upset at the producers of the series. That is one emotion I have not even thought about throughout the 6 years I invested in their TV show. I have gotten angry at story lines, but not the makers… until now.

I guess it is now too late to boycott the show, since they did not throw this in until the last 10 minutes of the 6 years. Maybe that’s why, they knew that they would be forsaken and lose viewers. I suppose my boycott will now only extend to the re-broadcasts. Knowing the ending will now taint the whole series for me. Just wish I would have known this 6 years ago……..

Acts 4:12 Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” In reference to Jesus


Vincent said...

but, it is at level of the false religions of the world to many millions of people.

I say this because as a non-religious person this was obvious to me.. and it only shows you have been looking at the world through Christian tinted glasses.. The Egyptian religious symbolism was VERY obvious!

Confirmation bias..

Jeff said...

@vincent - Very true, everything about me is "through Christian tinted glasses" if not then I could not be a Christian. Just as everything about me is tinted with "husband glasses". My decisions are always made with who and what I am in mind.

It's not really choosing either. It is more a doing of what comes natural. I walk on 2 legs and look through my eyes because that is my "makeup".

mf said...

Hi Jeff,

Just watched the final episode myself (having been away for some time) and I have exactly the same feeling as you. It made me regret wasting my time watching the whole series. You could have gotten away with watching the first and last episode.

From my point of view, what the show was saying is this: It doesnt matter what you do in this life, there is an afterlife where you can have a second chance at redeeming yourself, and you can keep doing it until you get it right (Linus was not ready to move on with the others into the light).

It was a load of garbage and the finish felt rushed. For those that do not have a solid understanding of any belief, it will do a good job of deceiving them.

In regards to the stained glass window, the top of it had some rays of the Sun - so pagan sun worship trumps the lot!