Saturday, May 29, 2010

Even The Demons Believe and Tremble. Do You?

In Mark 5:6 we see a sight that doesn’t seem that extraordinary to us, a man falling at the feet to Jesus. That is, not extraordinary unless you read the rest of the passage. The man just so happened to be possessed. Not just by a single demon, but by a Legion, as they described themselves.

This demon-possessed man, whom had been chained by those of Gadarenes, had broken free of his chains and shackles. He screamed out day and night as he journeyed between the mountains and the graveyard. One day he happened to see a boat approaching and he recognized one of the occupants. Now, how could this man know who Jesus was? I’ll say he didn’t, but the demons that indwelt him knew fully that this Man was Jesus.

What happens next is what is truly amazing to me. This demon-possessed man fell down and worshipped Jesus. The most evil entities of the Earth fell to the feet of Jesus in worship, for they knew they must. This goes right along with James 2:19 – “You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble!”

This is truly amazing if compared to most professing Christians today, who live in luxury and only seek God when things “get tough”. This most evil creature knew and recognized the deity of Christ and bowed in His presence. You all know the rest of the story in which Jesus called the demons from the man and sent them into the swine, which then in turn ran into the sea and perished. Jesus then set down with the newly freed man and conversed with him.

The other town’s people were frightened by what happened for some reason. Scripture does not say why, all we can do is take it at what is said. They did ask Jesus to leave. Why? The Bible doesn’t say, but the only one that seems to want Jesus to stay is the man freed of the demonic possession. This single man had been the whole reason Jesus journeyed across the sea, to show His glory and for this encounter to be recorded in scripture.

What I get from this is exactly how it appears; we do not worship our Lord, as we should. We do not recognize the deity of Jesus as fully as we should and we do not bow to Him in worship even close to the degree required. This is one of the areas where man fails God daily, hourly and by the minute. We do not acknowledge the God of the universe in all that we do.

What do we do about it then? We do as the demon-possessed man did and fall on our faces in worship to God and allow Him to heal us. We repent of our lack of worship of Him and ask for a revival of our spirit to be in harmony with His Spirit. This is true revival, not what is being hailed these days by the traveling “evangelists” Their call is to the lost (so they say) and is called a revival, what true revival is can be defined what revival sounds like – a return to the normal.

Cry out to the God of Abraham and Moses to revive you. Fall on your face and worship Him and Him alone. Know Him more intimately than you could ever imagine. Study His Word and hide it in your heart. Cry out for revival in your own heart and ask that it spread to your family, your church, your city, your country and the whole world.

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