Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pray For Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels, singer of 80’s rock group Poison has suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. I will not make light of Michaels condition and will not belabor his sinful lifestyle. I will say that Michaels, like we all were, is a sinner. He needs God’s grace to rush in and take over his life.

Michaels is in need of our prayers right now. He is part of the ultimate statistic of mortality, 1 in 1 will die. But, for Michaels, he is being afforded the opportunity for countless millions of Christians to approach the Holy Throne of God with the request to save this man, for health and his family’s stake, yes, but more importantly from the pits of hell.

As of now, it is unsure of Michaels’ cognitive condition. A massive brain hemorrhage doesn’t sound very good and I am no doctor. I know there is the real possibility he could be incapacitated, and not able to understand anything anyone says to him. But, I know God is exceedingly merciful and desires all men to come to repentance. This includes Bret Michaels. He is no more a sinner than you or I were at some point in our lives until God intervened.

So, I ask that each of you that read this little ol’ blog to take a moment and pray for Bret Michaels’ salvation. This could be the wake up call he needed to see how sinful he is and his need of a Savior. Pray that God puts people in his path that will adequately share about our Lord’s saving grace, about the redemptive work of Christ, whose blood was shed for him at Calvary. Pray that this will be used by God to convert Bret Michaels so his testimony and life change will glorify God and in turn work in others lives to bring a saving faith to them as well.

Remember, we were all sinners saved by grace. Michaels’ sinful lifestyle may have been televised and reported on to the public, but I can honestly say our sins are and were just a repulsive to God. Did He save you and take you from your sinfulness? Then why would you think a rock star is any different?

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