Thursday, April 1, 2010

John Piper and Rick Warren Closer Than Thought Theologically? Really?

John Piper, you have left many scratching their heads over your recent announcement that “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren will be taking part at the 2010 Desiring God National Conference.

When I first heard this a few days ago I thought that someone had mis-heard someone say something to somebody and just got the story mixed up. Boy, was I wrong. It is official and Piper has stated “I’m gonna need a lot of help to know why I should feel bad about this decision”. To which my reply would be – if you know there are major concerns by those in the same theological position and views that you have, then you already know WHY you should feel bad about this.

At first came my confusion. Then I realized, “Hey Jeff, John Piper has a lot more theological truths in his little finger than you have ever attained”. In fact Piper has been a teacher to me through his books and videos and I have a very high regard for him and his decisions. Just, right now, I do not fully understand this one. I am, however, becoming more open to see what the Lord has planned through this.

I, for one, know that someone can be full of many wrong views of scripture and of God. I know firsthand that God can and does bring people from those false teachings and beliefs to a better and more complete understanding of His Word and of theology in general. If you would have called me a Calvinist 5 years ago I would have argued with you that I would never even entertain the thought of the God choosing who He would save. But, the more I am drawn closer to God, the more understanding He allows me to attain. It is definitely baby steps for me. God had been very gracious to me over my whole life, from birth, to allowing me to live 30 years as a false convert in order to give me a heart full of compassion for others that believe the lies of the American church’s false gospel.

So, I am anxiously waiting to see what God has in store. I could give a whole laundry list of what Rick Warren says and does that do not align with scripture, but right now that is not needed. Right now I am being faced with the realization that God may have answered my (and many others) prayer that Rick Warren may have the scales taken off of his eyes and be shown the same grace and mercy I was shown, deliverance from a man centered gospel to a where the Gospel has to be, focused on God and not wavering at all.

Be in prayer that this is used by God to His glory. That lives will be changed, perceptions challenged and that Rick Warren will stand in front of the world and repent to the Father for his past stances on many issues, his man centered focus, his ecumenical flavorings and the other things I care not to mention right now.

Video from John Piper “explaining” his decision:

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Missy said...

I think you presented a calm and rational response, which is more than I've seen out of some people. Some bloggers. *avoiding temptation to name names*

I don't agree with everything Piper said in the video; honestly it looks as though Warren is just a guy who knows all the right things to say (he usually does, depending on whom he's talking to) and Piper has fallen for it. However, one thing Piper said I do agree with is that it would be a shame for those in the Reformed movement to become ugly and unnecessarily separatist. I think some are. This may be the other ditch, but that doesn't mean I have to question whether Piper is a brother or write him off forever or anything silly like that.

Why in the world he'd make the announcement April 1, I'll never understand. :)