Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Discern That You Shouldn't Discern ... Or Something Like That

“Allow me to discern for you, that you should not read discernment blogs to help you in your discernment.”

That is the message I am hearing these days. Especially now that John Piper has invited Rick Warren to the Desiring God Conference. These with the rally call to abandon discernment are the same ones that, before the internet and blogging, used to use the name “fruit inspector” for those that had a penchant for biblical discernment.

My question, when did it become acceptable to not be discerning? Why are blogs belittled for relaying information that is needed and usable in the aid of discerning what aligns and doesn’t align with scripture? I have a tendency to be on the discerning side, even in my writing. Maybe that is why I welcome brothers and sisters that have a gift of discernment in these dark days. Not to say that all discernment blogs are accurate, but I feel for the most they are usable tools to aid other believers in developing a view of what is attacking Christianity.

I would even say that NOT being discerning is dangerous. Just the happy-go-lucky attitude that everyone that invokes the moniker of Christian is a Christian is ludicrous. I do not even take a man at my doors word that he is the cable man if he doesn’t have proper credentials (fruit) to show that he is, in fact, the cable man. I would hope that any true believer would want to be more discerning when Christ’s Name is involved in anything, even a profession. I guess that is why I believe it is blasphemous for some to say, “I’m a Christian” when they live like the world, look like the world and desire nothing but worldly things. (See my blog on blasphemy and idle words)

I believe the proper course of anything that is labeled of God should be looked at very closely to see that it conforms to the Word. Be as the Bereans mentioned in Acts 17 and search scripture to be discerning, examine to make sure things mesh with scripture or are, indeed, false. This reminds me of a recent “conversation” with a friend over facebook. I had mentioned that Christians needed to be discerning when listening to the group “Philips, Craig and Dean” because their theology was heretical. Even though they claim to be Christians, sing “Christian music” and are “pastors” in a church is prime example that superficially a lot of things look of God, but with a little discernment things fall apart. PCD are modalists, a heretical view of scripture that denies the True God of scripture, therefore negating anything that they do or say of Godly things. They do know the terminology, but so do Mormons and Jehovah Witness’, which is the same extreme I place the modalism view. Just as Muslims say they worship God, they in fact have created a god in their own image and forsake the God of scripture.

If you look back over my posts, there is a call for discernment. I try to speak it loud and clear and I pray that I never become mushy and accepting of anything and everything that invokes God. I hope that if you are one that has always taken things at face value that you will scratch through the surface and start a discernment habit. I believe that any true Christian will thirst for truth and discernment. I also believe that if the Spirit is in you, then discernment is also in you and you need it awakened. Gods Spirit will bare witness to our spirit, if you feel uneasy about someone then there is probably reason for that. Just as “good” discernment is valid when you feel an instant connection with other believers where Gods Spirit brings our spirits together.

Just be wise and do not speak out because of a personal issue you might have. Make sure that you are being Spirit lead and not emotionally driven. Many times I get upset at things and after reflecting and seeking Gods council I am usually found to be wrong and praise God for allowing me to keep my mouth shut. Discernment is a great gift and tool from God that when actually given by God is very beneficial. But remember Satan also uses things that can seem of God, but are actually counterfeit to confuse, he has also used the word discerning to cause division. Be careful, but be correct. Do not allow false teaching, doctrine and professions to slander and blaspheme the Fathers Name.

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