Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hume-or Me For The Last Time

So, my third post on the Brit Hume “conversations” going around. I watched Wretched with Todd Friel and they showed a clip I had not seen yet. This clip was from The O’Reilley Factor and Hume does go into more detail and further explains his motives. I’ll be the first to admit that the comments to O’Reilly are a lot more straightforward than the other 2 clips I saw (last 2 posts). Here is the video:

In the first part of the video, he rehashes some of his earlier comments. But adds at around the 1:32 mark “Jesus Christ offers something that Tiger Woods badly needs”. YES! This is what the first 2 videos were lacking. Then goes on to really speak some truth, “If Tiger Woods were to make a true conversion – we would know it. It would show through in his being. And he would know it above all and he would feel the extraordinary blessing that that would be…” Once again, YES! Truth comes out from Hume. Just wish it would have came earlier and during all the interviews.

I will still stand by my first two posts though, seeing how they were the first two instances that Hume had to speak the truth. If I would not have been watching Wretched (which thankfully now airs on DirecTV) I would not have known about the O’Reilly interview. This being the case is why the truth of the Gospel needs to be proclaimed in its entirety instead of jumping to the chase. I am not sure that Tiger sees himself as a sinner against a righteous God at this time. I am sure that he knows he has done wrong to his wife, children and now the many people that looked up to this man. But does he know that he has broken several of Gods commandments and will stand trial for these, without support from any lawyer or character witnesses? Does Tiger know that there is only One Advocate that we have to the Father?

Prayerfully God will use this situation to reach Tiger Woods. Someone can’t be saved if they don’t first know they are in danger. My prayer is that the Lord will put someone in Woods’ path that will be able to explain clearly God’s Holy Gospel. Not just a “turn or burn” message, but that God loves even adulterers and liars and those are exactly whom His Son, Jesus Christ died for.

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