Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What You Talkin' 'Bout Heathen?

“Whew! Taylor Swift is HOT! Man, she’s only 15 though.”
This was said by a man in his 50’s during break at my work today. Pervert? Uh, yeah. Depraved? Definitely. Saved? Not. But what is odd is that this man is an ordained “minister”, albeit from a mail-order/ internet church that divvies these “pastorates” out for 30 bucks. He actually got this bogus ordination a few years ago so he could perform a wedding ceremony at a local bar here in Paducah. He claims to be a Christian, even though he spews curse words more than anyone I have ever heard, and that is a lot…. believe me. I cringe when I hear him talk about the things of God, because he obviously knows nothing of the Holy God of the bible.

I have had a few conversations with him about true biblical Christianity. Needless to say, my words fall on deaf ears. His mind and heart are presently closed to the things of God and he is mired in a sinful life. Today I broke from my normally mild mannered speech, to a point blank “calling the kettle black” mode. Normally I do not do this at work because I am in a position that could get a lot of backlash from speaking out too loudly about Godly things. I am so glad I did, it is actually an answer to my recent prayers. I have asked the Lord to embolden me at work….. and He has answered in the last several months.

This is the latest encounter in my work place. Of recent I have had several God focused conversation with my plant manager, of all people. He claims to be a Christian as well, but his lifestyle also does not match up. Matter of fact, several people at my job profess Christ, but are as lost as anyone ever was. I have to continually be reminded that these people are doing what is natural to them, sin. They lie about being a Christian, they party with the best of them, cuss up a storm, cheat, steal from our employer by not giving a fair days work for their wages, live with their girlfriends/ boyfriends and so on. They are a prime example of the product of American Christianity.

Back to the “ordained minister”. I was emboldened to speak out against what he said about Taylor Swift. Not that a 50 year old man lusting after a 15 year old girl is any different than a 50 year old man lusting after a 50 year old woman. It is all sin. I told him that it wasn’t right to look at a girl that young to which he replied, “Yeah, but she’s showing it off, I’m looking”. There may have been some other words in there, but I’ll refrain from typing those out.

I then said “You know Jesus said that if you look at a woman with lust, you have already committed adultery in your heart”. That elicited a few stammers and he replied, “Well, every man on the planet has cheated then”. (Once again, words omitted to protect your eyes and mind). My reply to him was “That may be so, but when you stand before God on judgment day, you will not have those other men there to justify your sins, you’ll be standing there alone and you will not be able to say that everyone else did it, so it made it alright for you. You’ll have to stand there and fell the wrath of God on you”.

After I said that, using God’s Word, he clammed up and was really quiet. Romans 3:19 comes to my mind. God’s Word can and does quieten skeptics and sinners. I was shown again that I can’t rely on Jeff to change someone, but to lean on God’s Word and proclaim the Truth in and out of season. I praise God for opening my mouth in this instance and pray that He continues to use me. I am ready to go deeper and need to relinquish myself to Him. I have a hard time doing so because my self confidence is weak, but the more I pray, the more I study the Bible and the more He shows me, the more I see that it’s not up to me to do anything. I must relinquish it all to the Lord and He will have His way. I’ll just be there as a willing vessel, whatever that entails.

For those of you that would also like your “ordination”, here is a link

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Way to go! Encouraging post.