Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods, Media Darling And A Victim Himself? What?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was contemplating doing a blog post on Tiger Woods a day or so after the car crash story broke, but decided against it. I was going to elude to the fact that the story seemed really fishy and how everyone in the news media also seemed to be falling for the whole thing. I even did a little photo editing of a Tiger picture, giving him a black eye and swollen lip, then again I balked and did nothing.

Flash forward a few more day, now I can’t stand it. It is not really Tiger that upsets me (any more than any other person that cheats on their spouse does anyway). It is the media once again. Kind of half listening to the news this morning at work I kept hearing Tigers name. When I then inclined my ear a little more I all that seemed to be the topic was Tiger and his “sex addiction”, how Tiger is now a victim because he has a chemical imbalance in his brain that causes him to be a sex addict. Actually it wasn’t something new to me to hear, it is called having a Y chromosome or better known as being a man.

So allow me to explain Tiger’s real problem. He is a man. That’s pretty much it, but I don’t think I can stop there and must elaborate a tad. See, men are really sexual creatures, it is a very common characteristic of men to have wandering eyes and minds. It is our nature, it can’t be denied and it is very difficult to keep in check. This is a heart issue as Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, but it is not an excuse. I too am bombarded with females that seem to be wearing Barbie clothing at the mall, at the grocery and yes, even at some churches. These women flaunt themselves and a man has to consciously divert their eyes to a different area. So this is the issue that Tiger has, he just carried it out in the physical area as well as his mind. To put it bluntly, he is a sinner. What I am not sure of is his professing spiritual beliefs.

Evidently he does not hold fast to Christian principles, which is really the main concern here. Tiger needs Christ. Just like I was in need of a Savior, my wife was in need of a Savior, my pastor was in need and every other person that has been converted was in need of a Savior. Tiger needs to be saved and he also needs to kept being saved. “What? How can you keep being saved Jeff?”. I’m glad you asked.

Salvation is not only being saved from a fiery eternity in hell. You are also being saved from a sinful life…. Daily! When God actually converts you, you will then be justified through Christ, but that begins the sanctification process in which you start becoming more like Christ and less like you. So many professing Christians seem to really be lacking in this part of the Christian life. Actually if they are not in a sanctification process, never started it, then I would say that they were never converted in the first place. A continual lifestyle of sin can only mean one thing. A disbelief in the God of the Bible, so you can’t be saved if you don’t believe in the God of scripture. When someone is born again as Jesus spoke of in John 3. So being born of the flesh we are creatures of sin and being born of the Spirit we have a new nature to seek to please God instead of ourselves. A really simple concept that is often overlooked.

How many times have you heard that someone backslid, lived in sin their whole life BUT are still saved and going to heaven. Blasphemy! That is a gross misuse of the name of Christ in calling that person a Christian. I know firsthand, because that was me from 8 years old until I was 38 years old. I lived a life of sin all the time claiming Christ as my Savior. I even prayed every night, regardless of what bed I was in or what chemical or liquid was guiding my thoughts, I could always seem to squeeze out a “God please forgive me for sinning today. I’m sorry. Please give me_____________.” I was very deceived and very wicked and very blasphemous. No, I never took God’s Name in vain as most people think it, but I did when I said that I was a Christian. Praise the Lord He took the scales off of my eyes. Not quite the Damascus Road revelation Paul had, but quite the transformation non-the-less.

So back to Tiger. Tiger does what comes natural to him, other than hitting a golf ball very well, he sins very well too. He can’t help it, it’s his nature. He was born a sinner and remains a sinner, until He repents of his sins and trusts in the God of the Bible through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross to atone for his sins. Simple, yet not readily stated these days. So all the talk about a sex addiction is only partially correct, he is addicted to sin in general and sex with women other than his wife is just how he manifests his sinfulness. Other sinners have different manifestation of their sinful hearts - lying, stealing, blaspheming God’s Holy Name, pornography, drinking, drugs, and so on. It is a heart condition and my prayers go out to them, not just Tiger Woods, but all sinners that are in need of a Savior.

Just one plea to the media (not that they will ever read this, but hey> It’s worth a shot). Stop making excuses for people that live sinful lives. A sex addict is a sinner. A thief is a sinner. A cheating husband is a sinner. A bank robber is a sinner. An alcoholic is a sinner. A drug addict is a sinner. A (insert sinful lifestyle sin here) is s till a sinner. They all sin against A Holy God that will one day require payment for their sins. There are only two possibilities on that Day. 1.) You will either stand before God and try to explain away your sins and plea how many “good” things you did to try and outweigh the “bad”. or 2.) You will fall on your knees and cry for your Advocate 1 John 2:1, Christ to make your case for you. #2 is the only Way, because #1 is a eternal death sentence. Oh, and one more thing about #2, the Father has already forgiven your sins if you are truly converted, He will not hold you accountable for the sins that you fell into, because they were written on Cross and blotted out by the Blood of Christ Acts 3:19. WOW! And AMEN!

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