Thursday, December 3, 2009

Issues? Nah, I've Got Subscriptions!

The title of this blog is not mine, but it was said about me by a good friend. We have some good banter and some of the topics that come up I have some issues with (secular music, T.V., movies, some "Christian" artists, etc.)So many, in fact, that my friend said "You don't have issues, you have subscriptions". What a great comment, I think he meant it in a light hearted, half kidding - half serious way. The more I've been thinking about that, the more I agree.

I do thank God that He has given me these "subscriptions". See, in my past I followed the world, while proclaiming to be a Christian. It was only until God took the scales off my eyes did I start to see clearly, it was His touch that not only saved me from a fiery grave, saved me from this sinful world BUT also healed me from the justifications that I made of my former false conversion.

God opened my eyes in a big way. I am a sceptic by nature, I want to know WHY something is. I have been given the gift of discernment and it does extend to people, I can usually tell if a person is lost and deceived. What I can really never tell for sure (unless I spend a lot of time with them) is if they are genuinely converted). There are only a small percentage of people that I would be willing to say were Christians, because I have seen deception run for years only to see their true self emerge (and no they didn't backslide, they were deceiving).

Sorry, this was not meant to be a blog about people, but about me. I was going to air MY dirty laundry, not others. My list of "subscriptions" is ever growing. Some are deep personal convictions and it is admittedly hard for me to not expect others to also have these same convictions. This is just, yet another, area that I need to seek God in, that I will be more dependent on Him and seek more time with Him. You will see a pattern in my list below. Most of the "subscriptions" I have are with professing believers, those that are quick to say "yeah, I'm a Christian", but in their actions prove otherwise. Personally I do not take someone at their word, but instead examine their fruit as commanded in scripture. I do not do this as a sceptic, to disprove their relationship with God, but I also cannot encourage a deceived person into an even deeper state of deception by acting as if they are a Christian. I have too much contact and lived too long as one that was deceived to be an advocate for their pathway to hell.

So here's the list (as much as I can think of at this time) - in no particular order:
"Christians" (especially musicians) that wear secular bands shirts
"Christians" That seem to only want to be in a service on Sunday mornings
Casting Crowns - not really their music, but everyone using their music as theology instead of using the Bible. (okay God does separate our sins from us as far as the East is from the West, but that's not a ticket to sin)
Lifeway Stores (and any other "Christian" outlet) that sells books like "The Shack", "Blue Like Jazz", "Velvet Elvis", "A New Kind of Christian", etc.
The American Gospel
"Christian" music magazines and websites that write about secular artists
Movies that use Christianity as a draw, but are blatantly NOT God focused - i.e. Evan Almighty, Oh, God
The "Christians" that support movies like those mentioned above
Pastors/ Evangelists that manipulate the emotions with extended altar calls, music, low grade hypnotism
The Sinners Prayer in general
Third Day supporting/ promoting U2 (Third Day is a great band, a fave, but they are very deceived about U2)
"Christians" that profess to fear God, but yet read very sinful books, watch very sinful movies, listen to anti-Christian music, look at sinful magazines, etc.
"Christians" that promote drinking alcohol, in any way - shape - or form. Especially those that say "Jesus turned water into wine" - uh, wine was very different in those times than now, if Jesus turned water into something comparable today it would be Welches Grape Juice.
Preachers/ Evangelists that drive Lexus', Bentleys, have chauffeurs (Sure, have a nice car but not one that is the budget of an African country)
Name it and claim it preachers/ the health and wealth "gospel"
The saying "Love the sinner, hate the sin" - um, that's not in the bible. Without a sinner, there would be no sin. Kinda like love the apple, hate the tree - it ain't possible
People that call others Pharisees. Do a little research on what Pharisees actually are/ were. Do not resort to calling someone this because they make a biblical statement, in context and show you that you are incorrect in something.
The rap group GRITS. More specifically the lead "rapper" Coffee. He has a very racist quality about him, seen it firsthand while attending the 2009 GMA Awards.
Professing "Christians" that say God tells them living a sinful lifestyle is o.k. or that cheapen God's grace and Christs suffering.
Those that say they have their "ticket" to heaven. Salvation is not fire insurance.
"Christian" musicians that list secular musicians as influences.
Secular artists that produce Christian themed songs (Carrie Underwood, Johnny Cash, Dolly and yes, even Elvis.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Just read some of my earlier posts, but in them too you'll see a pattern about those professing to be Christians and not actually portraying it other than by their words. Oh, how could I have forgotten the heretics that kick people in the stomach to heal them (Todd Bentley), or the one's that say "Send me $25 for this miracle anointing oil straight from Israel"? These heretical charlatans really get my goat. They use God as a money magnet and prey on the elderly and sick with promises of healings and increased income. These have to be the lowest of lows that will be sharing the deepest, darkest corners of hell with Satan himself.

I'm sure more subscriptions will come up over time. Rest assured that you will not have to worry about me voicing my thoughts on them either. True Christians need to stand up for Christ, need to stop believing every word that comes out of people's mouths in fear of hurting someones feelings. I cannot stand for someone to blaspheme my Father's Name, I will call them on it. Not necessarily the blatant sinner, that professes nothing to do with God, but those that say they know God, but live contrarily. If you have not already - take a stand. Choose this day who you will serve!

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