Monday, November 23, 2009

Depravity Of Man On Display

Take a look at the headline from the Comcast news headlines above. See anything wrong with it? When I first read it I though "Wow, this lady let something she posted on Facebook get her knocked out of sick leave benefits." Although it sounded fishy, and I do not agree with her manipulation of the "system" to gain compensation and still be living it up.

Of course Comcast does not change their headlines every hour, so for half of the day when I signed in to check my email I saw that headline. Then it hit me, Comcasst's headline makes it seem that Facebook was the culprit in this. "Facebook Costs Woman Benefits". Did Facebook really do anything wrong in this? Seems like this lady claimed she was suffering from depression, even though she liked to visit male strip clubs, bars and beaches. She claims that she did these things to help her with her depression, as a therapy by her doctors recommendation. If the doctor told her to or not is not my call, but frolicking around on a beach, tossing a few back in a bar and lusting over men stripping are far from therapeutic in my book. The news headline should have read "Womans Posts On Facebook Cost Her Benefits".

This is taking place in Canada, where they have universal healtcare. So it seems that there are still corrupt claims with government ran healthcare too. I would really like to give my 2 cents worth on Obamacare right now, but I will refrain as I have no biblical basis to bash it, except I do not want to be dependent on government solely for anything, especially my health.

The real issue here is depravity. Sinfulness. This lady has joined the ranks of those that try to manipulate the system in order to get free money. This is plain and simply theft, promulgated by lies. This ladies greed has caused her to seek ways to gain by doing nothing. This is rampant in our country and has only gotten worse over the past year or two. Unemployment at 11%+? Could this be caused by the fact the government makes it so attractive? These people are drawing $500+ a week for sitting home playing video games. Now the state I live in (Kentucky, not confusion) has extended the length someone can draw to 99 weeks. Does it honestly take 2 years to find a job? I know a young man that works 3 jobs, he also has found 2 of these while working at other jobs and left 2 other jobs. So this young man has had employment at 5 different places in the past year. Why? Because he pulls his own weight and doesn't expect to get a free pass.

Issues like this just prove that man IS fallen. Given opportunity they will take handouts to their full extent and ask for more. Most of the time they will complain about the freebie they receive too. Is this theft? In a way it is, since they could make their own way and pay for their own goods. To me it shows a person's heart and where they stand in the eye's of God. They want to take and take and not do anything on their part. It does show the American view of God a swell. People just want to sit back and be blessed and do whatever they please. This is an extremely distorted view of God and His gifts. Just one more way that people want something for nothing. No repentance = no salvation. Also sadly, these are the people targeted by the chrletans on TV, the one's that spew the "name it and claim it" message. The "health and wealth" gospel, that is no gospel at all. They prey on these people with cries of "send in your seed money", or "put your downpayment on your blessing" promising these people financial gain for sending in money. Also these are the people that seek instant riches by playing the lottery, using their limited income to try to make it rich quick.

The world is getting very dark. Me complaining about people cheating the government does not solve anything. Me telling people directly that they are wrong to do these things does nothing. Only prayer and God's mercy can change these people. I ask you to cry out for those on unemployment benefits that are manipulating the system, those that draw a disability check that are fit to work, those that are on welfare to be drawn to the Father. To be saved and follow God, to see God as their sustainer not the government. Government dependence for life is so dangerous. Only God can supply what these people need. Pray for them, pray for eyes to be opened and souls saved. When people start being converted, they will gain new perspectives and will desire to work. They will desire to help others instead of looking for handouts. Pray!

(Disclaimer: I do not think everyone on government assistance is deceptive and/ or looking for a handout. There are people that really need this assistance and help. It is sad that so many make a bad name for those that actually need these benefits.)

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