Friday, November 13, 2009

Carrie Prejean A Christian? Part 2.

Carrie Prejean - Spokesperson for "American Christianity"

Wow! Ms. Prejean has “some ‘splainin’ to do”. Seems like she is yet again embroiled in a media frenzy. Check out my last post on her, from back when there was the first hoopla over her, her values, her comments on gay marriage, etc.

This time it appears that Carrie has starred in a sex tape, one that she says was made when she was a teenager. Her ex-boyfriend that is planning on releasing this video is adamant that she was indeed older (which allows him to not be charged with child porn charges). Prejean, however, has been very defensive and very “in your face”. With an interview on NBC’s Today Show she was very defensive in stance. On Larry King Live she also threatened to end the interview abruptly when asked about her settlement with the Miss America Pageant. She claimed King was being “inappropriate”.

Now, from a Christian perspective I can say this in two different ways, either for whatever her standing with God is. The first is that Carrie is a Christian and that the tape was made before she was converted, that it along with all other blatant sins have been washed, that she changed direction in life toward the True risen Savior and it is a non-issue. The next is that Carrie is trying to cover this up by lying about her age, trying to get her ex to lie about her age (which would land him in jail for kiddy porn charges), trying to justify her very sinful actions. This is on top of the fact that she parades around through beauty competitions half naked.

Personally I have not seen anything that is consistent with a Christian. She is like many others that claim Christ as their Savior and Lord, but instead are just a part of the world as any other lost person. I do however take offense because of her blasphemy. She is on a public platform and evokes the precious name of God, all the time lying and being very un-Christ like in her stance and actions. If she were actually a Christian she would be handling things very differently and definitely not be lying and trying to have others lie for her to cover up her sinful lifestyle. I am actually sickened by this, as I am with all those I work with and come into contact with that openly announce “I am a Christian!” (Matt 7:22) then turn around and live very differently. With Prejean it happens to be on a public forum and millions of people are saying, “Well, if she’s a Christian, then so am I. We all sin and are under grace, so we’ll just keep on sinning and keep on receiving forgiveness”. Not! (Romans 6:1-14) I have searched for her testimony online and I cannot find it. Wouldn’t a Christian want to proclaim their testimony to the world? There are, however, many racy photos that seem to pop up every time I search for her doing research for my posts about her here. If anyone has seen or heard of her conversion testimony PLEASE point me toward it. From what I have gathered, she thinks she became a Christian during childhood.

The most damnable lie of American Christianity is in public view here. “Just say a prayer and you’ll go to heaven. God accepts you as you are and doesn’t expect you to change.” Where do these heretics get this? Although God does accept you as you are, He will not leave you in that same state. If He starts a work in you He will finish it. The lies that spew from preachers and evangelists today are sending countless millions to a fiery grave. “Come on, come on. You know you want to walk the aisle. You know that you want to be delivered from your addictions, your marriage problems, and your money issues. Just come on down the aisle and sign this card. Make your decision.” All non-biblical pulls on a person’s situation, not a call to sinners to Repent! I call it “situational decisionism”. Someone else may have coined the term, but I never heard it before. I have seen it many times, even within my family. It is very dangerous, especially combined with a public figure such as Carrie Prejean that is banking in on her “Christianity” and misleading thousands, if not millions, of people that once made a mental decision because of their situation at any given moment.

What it boils down to is a need for true repentance, a true yearning for Christ and a willingness to forsake all and follow Him. If someone has not done this, then they are not saved. They are still living on a path of destruction, but are worse off because they are pointing to a decision for their salvation instead of looking to Christ. Their hope lies in a prayer, a walk down an aisle, a word from an evangelist or preacher, tears shed at a “revival” or any other countless things or circumstances… but not in Christ. If Christ is not the focus of your salvation then you are not saved. You are deceived. Of course you don’t want to go to hell, who would? Of course you want to go to heaven, who wouldn’t knowing what the alternative is? Of course you are a good person in the eyes of the world, but how good are you compared to Christ?

God promised that if you seek Him, you will find Him (Matt. 7:7). If you are seeking Him it is because He is pursuing you, you are being drawn to Him (John 6:44). Do not resist, do not heed the call of salvation. Today is the day of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:2).

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