Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Issue on the homefront

Just sitting here in the hospital with my wife. She has been having some health issues lately, being admitted to the hospital from last Thursday until Monday evening. This morning back to the hospital for a arteriogram of an artery in her abdomen. She must now lie flat for 6 hours, which we are now a little over half way through.

She is now facing a major surgery to repair a “kink” in a major artery in her midsection. So I ask for your prayers that the Lord will see her through these next few weeks, with the surgery coming up on Sept. 15th. Please pray specifically that her nerves will be calmed as she (we) put our faith in God to see her safely through this surgery and the recovery phase. She is a strong person, but facing this type of surgery is enough to rattle anyone.

But, as I sit here in the chair watching her cat-nap I am reminded what the Lord has brought us through over the past few years. I have seen some very great times and some very bad times, but through it all God has proven Himself to be the Rock He promised to be. I have had to lean on Him through a very trying time with my son, a rocky part of my marriage that could have been very bad, the death of my dad and a lot of smaller things. If you read back through my older postings you will see some of the places I have been, that my family have encountered and how the Lord has been there to carry us through. Oh, how I praise Him.

God has also blessed us with a wonderful church family that has been through most of the things I mentioned right with us, carrying the burdens and lifting them to the Lord in prayer. He was so gracious to lead us to Oak Grove Baptist Church through a series of eye opening encounters with His Word. I stand in awe as I look back and see the path He chose for us. Granted when traveling down those paths I often stood by and said “what is this all about?” questioning the Father. How bad is that? I questioned the Creator of the universe about why I would be going through issues. I have been learning to just wait on Him and stop trying to fix things on my own. 2 years ago I would have been freaking out looking at my wife in a hospital bed with a major surgery on the horizon, but I can say that I know that He is in control. I am being still and waiting on Him. What other choice do I have?

I must learn to apply this to all areas of my life, not just the major issues. He is in control and I need to acknowledge that daily, even the “good days”. I pray that He will get the glory for what is happening right now in my life, my wife’s situation and beyond.


Melissa said...

Touching post. It is a blessing to see how you are trusting God in these times. Glad you finally updated!

I *know* God will use this for His glory. I think it's one of those situations you'll be looking back in amazement at how He was orchestrating it all... prayers for your family as always. Let me know if you need help with the boys or anything.

Chris said...

Great read! I check your blog DAILY to see if you've updated as I love it that much. However, I am anxious for your post on Ted Kennedy's death, 8 years after 9/11, and now the Patrick Swayze death. You're usually pretty good about writing about those things as they happen. Nevertheless, I just LOVE your blog. Thanks for doin it. And to add more emphasis, I do check it daily. If not twice or thrice daily!!