Monday, July 6, 2009

The Purity Of What You Consume

I was out mowing my yard, thinking about a big glass of ice water as the sweat was dripping from my brow. I knew that the water I had was clean, I knew it was pure and I knew it was good. Good not only in taste, but also good for my body. I knew that it would refresh and quench me. I also started to think about our need for water, that our bodies are in fact 60-70% water and we must replenish that when we lose some from our bodies.

I then started to think of the purity of water that we consume. Does our bodies need unpolluted water? Yes, I think that goes without saying. If we drink polluted water we will in fact have adverse reactions to it. In some worst-case scenarios one can even die from toxins in water. So pure water is essential for life, not just human life, but all life.

Now take a look at the picture above. I labeled the 2 glasses #1 and #2 for clarity (no pun intended). They both look pure, why they may even taste the same at first. If you give it a moment to make it through your body, maybe even a day or so, you would soon find out that glass # 2 had a single drop of pure botulism toxin, one of the deadliest known substances in the world. If you knew that, would you still drink it?

It still looks the same, it still is very palatable, it still quenches your thirst but most importantly it will now kill you. An excruciating death would ensue and with just a single teaspoon being lethal enough to kill 1.2 billion people. Yes, Billion with a B But it looks as pure as the other glass.

“So Jeff, are you saying that we need to all get chemistry degrees and carry around the correct items to assure that we are drinking pure water?”

That's not my point. I would like you to turn this to the spiritual realm. Look at all of the preaching going on in the world today. I would like for you to listen to your preacher, the guy on T.V., the person on the radio and whoever else or wherever else you are partaking in things of a spiritual nature. Now take those sermons, TV show and messages you are reading and put them under the microscope of God’s Word, see if they are poisoned by man’s words and agendas. Are you receiving a message that is 99% pure and 1% poison? Does your preacher say all the right things, align with the bible in 9 of his 10 points, but turn to a man centered theology to increase his numbers and lessen his empty pews? Is there something not quite right with the TV preacher, when he tells you that you have to send him “seed money” in order to be blessed by God? Those are drops of botulism in his message and it will cause spiritual death as it seeps through your mind.

Personally I try to discern what goes into my body, albeit I often come up short on the amount that I consume, I am fairly conscience of what goes in. Also, and more importantly, I am aware of what goes into my ears and my mind at an even more heightened state. God has been good to me and allowed me to see how putrid a false message can be, how it corrupted my theology and how it caused me to be spiritually dead for 2/3 of my life. The Lord was merciful to me and allowed me to taste of His Pure Word and let me see how nourishing It is, how It gives life and feeds my spirit. He gave me a taste for His Word that can now discern impurities in a poisoned message. Praise Him for that, because He would have been just as good if He would have allowed me to die in my ignorance. He did not have to save a wretch like me, but loved me instead and showed mercy on me.

Have you been shown that mercy? The mercy that only the Father can give, through His Son Jesus Christ? Has the Holy Spirit worked on you, leading you toward the Savior? Are you still held captive by silly words? Are your ears being tickled with a false message that tastes oh so good, but is poisoning you with each drop that enters your body? Are you deceived into drinking from a glass that holds hell and destruction, a message that sounds so much like the truth but is actually a lie from Satan that has you deceived?

I pray that you seek God through His Word. Seek Him and you will find Him. That is promised in Jeremiah 29:13 And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart. Search His Word and make sure the things going into your body aren’t poison.

One last thought is on Botox. This is derived from the botulism poison and is used to make ones appearance different from what it actually is. It paralyzes the nerves in a persons face and makes the wrinkles not as noticeable, making them appear younger. For some reason this is desirable to some people, but is also very deadly. People are paying a lot of money to be poisoned….. on purpose. Whatsupwitdat? But if you in turn look at most churches the same holds true there too. People are paying to be poisoned by impure messages. Things like “A Purpose Driven Life”, Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now” and books like “Velvet Elvis” and “The Shack” have all topped the best sellers list, but are in fact poison in diluted form. Products use the guise of being Christian literature, but are full of just enough truth to send a person to hell.

Pray for discernment, pray for Truth, pray for God to save you. Repent of your sinful life and turn to God. He does love you, but He is also Holy and can not stand the sight of your sin. He must judge in righteousness and He will send the unjust to hell. I pray that you seek His Word and His forgiveness.

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