Saturday, June 27, 2009

Now Your iPhone Is A Missionary, Preacher and Evangelist

I just did a search for “Christian iphone apps” and found out that there is actually a Who would’ve thunk it?

But anyways, one app caught my eye amongst all the Bibles and devotionals being shown. It was called, simply, iChristian. How original. So I took a gander at it in iTunes and was disturbed, but not really surprised at what it was. It is actually the same as most sermons across the USA on a daily basis.

Seems the app takes you pretty much through the 4 spiritual laws and has “THE” prayer listed in which you can say to become a Christian, er uh, American christian (small “c” because they only profess Christ with their lips on a single occasion and then live the same life as before, no changes, no repentance, no living for Christ. So they are following a false christ).

The app description touts that it contains “the minimal of required information to become a Christian”, but yet there is nothing of biblical repentance and denying everything and following Christ. Fully. In every facet. Forever. You can even register yourself as a Christian after you say the prayer. I think they will also give you a certificate proving that you are now a christian. So much for the fruits of the Spirit and actually living a repentant life, as the signs that the bible says will tell that a person has been truly converted.

This is just the next step in our culture to further blaspheme the Word of God. It takes certain verses (as most churches do) and uses them to make their point, which is actually teaching a false Christ. I was deceived for many years and sadly my wife and oldest son was too. Thankfully the Lord opened my eyes at a pivotal time in my walk with Him and soundly saved me, not through any prayer I said, but out of His loving grace for me. WOW! I still stand amazed that the Lord would save me, a person that claimed to know Him and yet defiled His precious name on a daily basis. How great is our God!

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