Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead At Age 50

It has just been reported that Michael Jackson has died, ending a very controversial life. He has joined the ultimate statistic…. 1 out of 1 will die. He did not know that he was going to die at a young age of 50. He was actually planning a comeback tour that would have been very elaborate and probably very costly. But what about his soul? That is the most precious thing he had. In fact if Jackson did not repent of his sins he is now burning in the lake of fire.

It reminds me of the rich young ruler (king of pop). He had all the earthly desires he ever wanted, quite arguably at one point, one of the richest entertainers. He was successful by the terms of the world. But all of that doesn’t matter now. He is gone from this earth and all of his possessions have been left here, along with his lifeless body. His soul lives on, but where? As I said, if he had not repented before his death he is now in hell and has no chance to reconcile to the Lord.

So what about you? Have you repented of your sinful life, turned to the God that you hated? Have you acknowledged that Christ is Lord and laid down your own life in order that Christ may live through you? That’s the most important thing in a persons existence. Has God done such a work in you that your sins are now hated by you? Or are you your own god? Have you created a god that conforms to your ideas instead of you fitting His? Does your god turn a blind eye to sins? Does your god not care that your lifestyle doesn’t match what the Bible says it should? Or is your God the God of scripture that gave His Son on a cross for your sins and demands that you count yourself as dead so that He can live?

I beg you to seek the True God of the Bible. Not the watered down god prominently preached at most churches every Sunday morning. Be not deceived, God will not be mocked. He is Holy and we are commanded to be Holy as well. He is righteous; He is also just and must punish sin. Do not think of God as only love, that is only one facet of His Glory. Cry out to Him to show you Himself, cry out to begin a walk with Him to be conformed to the image of His Son Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you can do to save yourself, no prayer, no walk down an aisle, not baptism, not a profession of faith. Only Chrsit the Lord can save you and all we can do is repent and believe in Him. Be aware that repentance is not sorrow. Sorrow is a part of repenting, but true repentance is turning from your sins. How? If God truly saves you will be a new creation and you will walk by His statutes, you will conform to the likeness of Christ, you will love His Word, you will love His people and you definitely won’t be the same.

I pray that Michael Jackson was saved. I will not cast judgment on him, but will say that he is like everyone else. He was a sinner and the wrath of God was on his head and unless he repented and turned from sin and to God, he is in hell.

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