Monday, May 18, 2009

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I first came up with the title of this blog and then a couple different thoughts popped into my head. Do I rant about my wife and how she relies on me as her alarm clock on the weekends or do I rant about the poor souls that are sleepwalking through life thinking they are on their way to heaven.

I then decided….. neither. If you read my past blogs, I am quite straightforward about the professing Christians and I am fairly sure if you come back in a few days I will have written something else about them as well. That is where my convictions are, because that is where I was for 30+ years of my life. I was “okay”. I had my “ticket” and I was on my way to heaven, even though I lived like the devil.

I did decide to write about my wife, but not rant. My wife is in the midst of a wonderful walk with the Lord. It is very exciting to see her growing in faith, by putting her trust in God. She is a very strong willed person and I really admire that, but it does sometimes hinder growth. That she is learning first hand and though it is painful at times for her, it is also great to hear her say, “God is good, I totally gave Him my problems and He deals with them and I am at peace”. In effect, she has done what Matt 11:28-30 says to do – give your burdens to the Lord, His burden is light.

She recently was faced with a really heavy trial, one that I had actually prayed to come about. Now before you get out the whip on me, it was something that was impeding her family life with the boys and me. I gave it to the Lord after voicing my opinion to her on one too many occasions. She became agitated with me for voicing my concerns about this and my stubborn self finally did what I should have done a long time ago as well – put my trust in God. I prayed in accordance with the Word of God, what He laid out for family life, but in that it was also a prayer to change her outlook as well. Guess what? It wasn’t any time until God had turned her 180 degrees and she was walking closer to Him and in turn with me.

Isn’t God amazing when you do what you know should be doing, instead of what comes natural? God is so patient and good to His children. Especially when we come to Him in all confidence with a request, which is in accord with His Word. Some times it takes us too long to get to that point, but as I grow in His Word and as I walk more with Him I find it much more conducive to give it all to the Lord. Not just problems, but everything. What Father would hurt their child or do something that is not for the betterment of them? Our God is good and he pleasures in us, especially when we are in communion with Him. Because when we trust in Him, He can be glorified in what He does for us and through us.

I urge you to place everything at the feet of the Lord and allow Him to direct your path. Believe me, that is the real meaning of trust and obey, because if you do trust the obeying part comes natural.

So what about the blog title and waking my wife up? I decided that it was I that had the issues, not my wife. I was being selfish and expecting her to know that she needed to get up with the sun like I do. That’s not to say that on a Saturday that there is something we planned to do I won’t be prodding her to get up, but what does it hurt for her to sleep in longer than I do? Nothing. Maybe I need to sleep in a little longer myself from time to time.


Sophie said...

Wowie zowie. So God has been hitting me with some things the past few weeks and this was just another tool... He's showing me that I'm holding on a little too tight to an area of my life instead of surrendering it to Him. I know in my head that giving it up to Him is the right thing to do, the best thing to do, and ultimately the easiest thing to do, but my heart doesn't know that.

This was pretty convicting, but also super encouraging. Thanks for sharing, Wally.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I am so thankful for the work God is doing in your family. :)