Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Carrie Prejean, a Christian? In a Biblical sense? Really?

It seems like Carrie Prejean, Miss California, is doing a lot of explaining these days. She is taking a lot of flack from Perez Hilton, self-described “queen” of all media. (Just a side question, who digs these judges up out the cesspool anyway? Oh wait; Donald Trump owns the Miss USA pageant so there ya go.)

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Prejean was asked a question by Hilton during the Miss USA contest last month. The question was for her opinion on gay marriage, in which she said “I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman”. Honestly I did not see the contest and have only read about things until today when I watched the clip of what she said. She did offer up a bit of an apology when she was answering Hilton’s question saying “No offense to anyone out there, but that’s how I was raised…”

While I will not join the throngs of people on the “diss the miss” bandwagon, I will say that I do question a person’s fruit if they call themselves a Christian. I do this because scripture say’s I need to do so (Matt 7:17, 20, 24 - 1 Corinthians 6:3-4 – Eph 5:11). If you examine what Prejean has done (the beauty contests that glamorize beauty (conceit) or that make gawking objects for men to look at on TV in their bikinis and low cut dresses), she tries to justify it by “that’s what I do, I am a beauty contestant”. Well, could a murderer claim to be a Christian and continue to kill people with the same flippant “that’s what I do, I kill people but I am a Christian”?

But, to me that’s not really the big issue, that is quite common place these days and thank God that He has allowed me to see through these deceitful lies from professing Christians. Ms. Prejean has created a God that fits her lifestyle. She has done the exact same thing as the majority of “Christian America” has done. She is in the same ranks now as Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Oprah, Todd Bentley and just about everyone that appears on godtv. I know she is being praised for her answer during the pageant, I know she received an extended standing ovation at the Dove awards (I was there, see last post), I know she claims to be a Christian, but I can not find her testimony or conversion story anywhere. (If someone does please send me a link.) I would really like to hear how God transformed her from her sinfulness into a slave for Christ. I do respect the fact that she stood up for what the bible says marriage is, but I also know that one does not have to be a Christian to have those same values. I have lost friends at work that also hold the same convictions concerning what marriage is, but that does not make them a Christian.

It does seem that Carrie is in a pickle about the photos that have recently surfaced (oh, that explains the picture above). On one hand she claims that she was 17 when these were taken (which also brings in question her parents salvation for allowing this) and on the other she is making excuses of why they were taken. It seems that no matter what your chosen profession now, it is o.k. to call yourself a Christian and still live a life of sin. I work with people that do the same thing – they claim to be Christians but they still live a sinful lifestyle filled with drugs, alcohol, lying, cursing God, living in sin with their girlfriends, etc. These people are breaking every commandment, especially having created a god in their own image that turns his head at their sins. They are cheapening Christ’s bloodshed on Calvary for us. This is a tragedy and I will not be party to it. If anything, the Miss California debacle has made me a little bolder in talking to people I come in contact with.

I will not cheapen the work of our Savior. I will not condone this and I pray that anyone reading this will do the same. I will not close my eyes to people that say they can do whatever they want and still be a Christian, because that’s one thing we are saved from – a sinful lifestyle that does not glorify God. If a person is born again that means A-G-A-I-N, that their old life is gone and instead they are born anew in the Spirit, they do not want to sin, they detest it and in no way will a true Christian justify their sins as Prejean and millions of others do. These poor deceived souls are walking down the broad road to damnation with all their friends and baggage in tow. The narrow path is… well narrow. It does not allow you to bring all the baggage with you, you have to leave it at the turnstile and enter by yourself, totally exposed. If you haven’t and you are trying to bring the world along with you I beg you to examine your choice to do so. Are you justifying the music you listen to or the TV shows that you watch? Is a white lie o.k. to you? Is getting drunk just entertainment to you? How about gambling, the lottery, cussing constantly? If so then you are in the same boat, or on the same road as Carrie Prejean and all the professing Christians that have created a god to suit them, one in their own image that isn’t strong enough to sanctify them or one that doesn’t care what his children do. Do you want a powerless god like that? I do not and that is why my God is the God of the Bible that sanctifies and carries out the work that He begins. My God is stronger than my past sinful life and re-birthed me by His Spirit anew and doesn’t allow me to rest in my sin. Oh, praise Him for that. I praise Hi that He did not only save me from hell, but from my sinful life that mocked His Holy Name.

So choose this day whom you will follow – the God of scripture or the god of your own making. (My paraphrase of 1 Kings 18:21)

(P.S. It took me a little while to locate a photo that I could use of Prejean. Seems like a crop is needed on any photo on the internet to make it acceptable, be it for a bikini shot or a low cut top shot. That seems like that's all that's out there. Not very scriptural according to 1 Timothy 2:9)

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