Monday, December 1, 2008

Who Put The X In Christmas? A Poem By Me.

Every year I send out this poem that I wrote several years ago. It was probably 10+ years ago as I was driving around my hometown of Paducah and was noticed several marquees that had "Merry Xmas" and "Xmas Sale" on them. I was getting somewhat upset because, to me, this is blasphemous. You are replacing Christ with an X. The whole reason for Christmas is abbreviated out of convenience and it upsets me.

I have even had arguments online about this, once with a person that claimed to have been a biblical student. I can't remember if he said he was a pastor or had just studied Greek, in which his instructor had told them to abbreviate Christ as X in their notes and studies. This may be so, but in my neck of the woods it's just blatant blasphemy. Please don't ever abbreviate CHRISTmas.

Here is the poem I wrote. It was written before I was truly converted, but I suppose God was already working on me back then too.

Who Put the X in Christmas
Who put the X in Christmas ?
I ask myself today .
Who forgets the reason ,
And puts our Christ away ?
Who are the ignorant ones ,
That replace His name in vain ?
Each time I see the blasphemy ,
I hang my head in shame .
As I look upon my Christmas tree ,
And the star that's placed up high .
I think of what He gave for us ,
And for the ignorant my heart does cry .
It's been many , many years ago ,
But Christ will always be .
How great our God that gave His Son ,
That died on the cross for me .
Just one thing I'll say to you ,
And I think you will agree .
Without our Christ in Christmas ,
Just another day it would be .

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Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were a poet too - nice! I always try to think of the X as the Greek letter Chi, but it's just me trying to put a positive construction on it. Furthermore, I only ever find it in the Christmas cards of people who aren't saved... hmmm... For note-taking I would think to use a cross would be a more appropriate way than an X.

Good stuff.