Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Chooses Rick Warren For Inauguration Invocation

Barack Obama and Rick Warren at the Saddleback Summit

Why am I not surprised that Barak Obama has chosen Pastor [sic] Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at next months Presidential Inauguration? What is even less surprising is Warren's acceptance to do so.

Feel free to read some of my back blogs about my thoughts on Rick Warren and his Purpose Driven empire. Also feel free to look back on my Barak Obama posts as well. The term "2 peas in a pod" come to mind. But now we have been getting the Billy Graham comparissons for Warren because he is in cahoots with the President Elect.

One thing is for sure; both Obama and Warren are media favorites and will rub shoulders with whoever they can to get their name out there. Even the gays, homosexuals, lesbians, sodomites are up at arms about Warren doing this. But once again it is not surprising. Maybe they should invite Joel Osteen, Todd Bentley, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn and the rest of the name it and claim it possee to make an appearance as well. One thing is a given, the real First Lady of the U.S.A. will be there - Oprah Winfrey. No doubt she has played some part in Warren and Obama becomming so chummy.

I will be watching the inauguration, as should every American. This is history, the first black President to be elected. It is about time for that, but why did it have to be the anti-christ? (Just kidding)

Read the news releases here:
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missyjreed said...

I wonder if Warren will let us have a free 60-day trial of Obama too?