Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Todd Bentley "Type" Deception

I have watched with a lot of wonder and amazement as the hit count on this blog have increased. I do take advantage of a free counter that shows referring websites to this blog. What is disturbing is the number of hits for people searching google for “Where’s Todd Bentley” Where’s Bentley” etc. and my blog has found a place for those searchers because of a post I did back when Todd Bentley was at the pinnacle of his popularity and had gone missing for a few days. This was written a few weeks before anything was released about his affair with his staff person.

I assume that Todd is still hiding out somewhere waiting for the right opportunity to make his comeback as other false prophets have done historically: by name Peter Popov, William Branham, and recently Ted Haggard (who is now blaming everyone in his past for his homosexual tryst that landed him on the curb). Some do not ever go away like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Rodney Howard-Browne. Some have been accepted as true followers of Christ and are deceiving millions of people every day with their self help, prosperity preaching that caters to the egos and worldly lusts of the general public. Those being deceived have itching ears and are following a message that is as man centered as have ever been. Even the newest “prophet” on the scene that people are enamored with, Barak Obama, openly denies Christ as the only way, openly defiles and mocks the Word of God while all the while claiming to be a Christian.

These situations leave me dumbfounded as millions of people follow these, in essence, false prophets. How does a little blog like mine gets so many hits for a search engines link to my blog titled “Where’s Todd Bentley”? In my honest opinion it is because these poor lost souls are searching for a savior, a messiah that is going to fix them of what ails them, fix their bank accounts and make them prosper physically, emotionally and monetarily. They are not searching for the True Messiah, the True Savior Jesus Christ. So many people latch on to hopes in a man like Bentley, Hinn, Obama or Joel Osteen that deny the true Jesus Christ of scripture. Scripture does not say, “all roads lead to heaven” it says Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – No one comes to the Father but by Me John 14:6. It also says that the path is narrow and many will be deceived and few will find the true path to salvation Matt 17:13-14. This narrow path is…. NARROW, not broad as many people think, “Oh well, let me bring all this baggage of my life along with me, the fornication, lying, stealing, blasphemy, partying, smoking, cussing. Jesus is my ticket He will forgive me. I can do all things because Christ will forgive me”. What? How wrong is that? The path is narrow. You cannot bring the baggage of those sins with you, they must be checked at the door and left behind, and you must travel the path of salvation by yourself. See, God saves you alone. God does not save a family or church simply because they are a part of that family or church. Salvation is a One on one with the One in which God creates a new heart in you because of His mercy and His pleasure, not for anything that you can do. All we can do is repent and believe and continue to repent and believe daily, every minute of every day.

Salvation is evidenced by the radical change in lifestyle. Out with the old, in with the new. I have heard it said “If you are what you were then you ain’t”. Not correct grammar, but correct theology. If your lifestyle continues to be one of sin, not just expressed but also in your heart, the desire to sin like always, then you really need to examine yourself to make sure you are in the faith 2 Cor. 13:5. There is a very good chance that you are not a Christian. You will be a new creation 2 Cor. 5:17, old thing will be passed away and all things will become new. That is the biblical way of saying if you are what you were then you ain’t.

If you came to this blog searching for where Todd Bentley is hiding out, I do not know. I do know that if you desire Bentley then you are looking in the wrong place and upon the wrong person for your answers. Bentley is a false prophets at it’s most obvious and if you tested every spirit as 1 John 4:1 dictates then you would discern that Bentley as well as those previously mentioned are false prophets sent by the god of this world to deceive millions as they have been doing. What you really need to be searching is scripture and spending time on your knees asking God to reveal to you true salvation and to create a new heart in you. Repent of your sins, leave them behind, don’t look back Luke 9:62, keep your eyes on Jesus instead of an earthly figure. If God saves you then He will also keep you, if He started a work in you He will finish it. You will not be partially saved from your sins, but will grow in the sanctification process, as you will become less like you and more like Him. Cry out to God right now for mercy, for His truth of salvation. Do not be deceived any longer by these worldly and corrupt men of the devil. They desire nothing but your money and your souls in hell.

My prayers go out for you that are deceived, my heart breaks for the countless souls that believe these lies. Please God open their eyes to the Truth of Your Word.


Caron said...

You will really appreciate the work of Justin Peters if you are not already familiar with it... Check out the video on his site here:

He spoke at my church and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

Brynn said...

When I said I was atheist, I meant I was agnostic. I do believe there is a god, I just don't know if there is.

Jeff said...

Hey Caron.
I am very familiar with Justin Peters and his very current message. I have his page book marked and actually almost got to meet him at the Deeper Conference this year. He was not there as a speaker, but as an attendee. I have talked to a couple of guys within the Real Truth Matters Ministry about the possability of Bro. Justin maybe speaking at the next Real Truth Matters Conference here in Paducah next year, God willing.

I am also very familiar with your pastor as I have been on somewhat of a MacArthur kick for a year or so, reading his books and listening to his sermons. The Lord actually used him and Paul Washer to open my eyes to the dangerous "easy believism" message that abounds.

Thanks for your comment. Check back from time to time for new posts. Oh, I also frequent the Pyromaniac/ TeamPyro blog of Phil Johnsens from Grace Community Church as well. Small world after all.

Caron said...

Hi Jeff,

I am close friends with Justin and will forward this to him, ok? What is the date of your conference? Thanks and God bless you!

Jeff said...

Caron - We are in the preliminary stages of planning this years conference. It looks like it will be in late summer/ early fall. It may be a one day this year as it was last year, possibly expanding to 2 days next year, God willing. I pray that Justin is feeling better. I sent him an email while he was in the hospital. What an important message he has for this wretched world, looking for a savior everywhere except the right place. If you don't mind could you ask Justin the check out the real Truth Matters website and possibly do link exchange? We are trying to get the name out there and more importantly the message.

Thanks for checking out my blog.
To God Be the Glory.

Caron said...

Hey Jeff,

So far, he doesn't put links on his site...

That said, who knows! It may begin!

I already sent him the email that comes to me saying what's been posted here and will send him the latest. I know he is doing a seminar in Michigan now, but hopefully will be able to check his emails while there. Otherwise, I'll stay on him and he can get back to you when he returns which will be the ned of the week. Deal?

My mom was from Corning originally - have you ever heard of that? Its in NE Arkansas. We used to watch the news from Paducah ther :)

God bless you and yours!

PS: You can send emails straight to my email address and I can forward them better to Justin from there...

Jeff said...

Caron - I would email you, but can't seem to find your email address. That would be better than posting to the blog comments by far. You can reach me at and then I will have your email. I looked in your profile but did not see it there either.

It's a small world isn't it? How long ago did you live in Arkansas? I have in-laws that live in Almyra now. Almyra is about 6 hours away from here.