Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Todd Bentley Discredited . Praise God!

In case you have not heard, Todd Bentley and his estranged wife, Shonnah, are getting a divorce, well not yet but heading that way - officially seperated. You can read it here from the godtv release.

To me this is a great answer to prayer to shut the mouth of this heretic that is defiling the Lords Great Name. While I do feel pity for their children and do not wish divorce on anyone, to me this is Gods way of showing that Bentley is a liar, a false prophet and has only been tickling the ears of those that are searching for anything except what is Biblical.

To make it crystal clear.... I am not happy for the Bentley's divorce - I am in praise to the Lord for shutting Bentley's mouth and stopping the lies of those he has been misleading. How unfortunate is any marital problem for anyone, I am a product of a broken marriage home so I know first hand. The Lord works in ways we have no idea of, and to me this is one of those ways. I asked time and time again for God to shut Bentley up and look what happened. I just pray that this will open the eyes of some of his cult members followers. The Church of Todd Bentley has officially shut it's doors for now. But be prayerful, because like old slue foot himself, Bentley will come back with a vengeance spewing even more lies from the depths of hell.

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