Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What would it take?

Do you share your faith? Do you tell others what Christ did for you? Do you tell them what Christ did for them? Do you talk about everything except for God? Does the Name above all names only come up when someone sneezes around you? May I suggest that your current path come to a screeching halt, you turn to Christ and do what He told us to do.

What would it take for you to share the Gospel with someone? Your coworkers, people at the grocery standing in line with you, your family, anyone. Everyone needs to hear the TRUE Gospel of God. First please make sure it is THE GOSPEL and not a watered down, mane centered, feel good story about how God has a wonderful plan for your life and wants to bless you (see any of my other posts). What incentives would it take for you to open your mouth and proudly proclaim the Saving Grace of the Lord?

Would you talk to your neighbor for $5.00? How about $10.00? Better yet, would you accept $1000.00 for each and every person that you shared the True Gospel with? Would that open your mouth and negate all of the anxiousness and fear associated with talking to someone about Jesus? Although it may not erase the fear, I am almost certain that most people would overlook such personal discomforts and feelings for $1000.00 per person. I would also venture to say that in my hometown of Paducah Kentucky, within a week every ear would have heard Gods Gospel. I am not in the clear here either. I wrestle with just this thought daily. Lord why can’t I open my mouth more? Why can’t I tell those poor souls that are buying their way to hell every minute of the day as they live in constant rebellion and hatred towards the God that breathed physical life into them? I could make any number of excuses, but would any of them matter? If I am not doing what the Father said for me to do I am living in sin.

Reflecting on the simple question of monetary gains for evangelizing, if you would do it for money – why won’t you do it for the saving of souls? Isn’t the soul of a loved one or friend more precious than anything money could buy? Matt 6:24 makes it clear that we can’t serve God and money. So what is the real problem? For me, and this is not an excuse, I am a naturally quiet person. I find it hard to talk to anyone that I do not know. The more I get to know someone, the more I speak around them. It’s my “nature”, it’s who I am or actually who I was. But there is the answer, at least on my part, I am trying to do the talking, I am sweating opening my mouth, I am standing there palms drenched in sweat with my knees knocking (not that bad, but bad none the less). I am trying to do something that God will do using me as His tool. Just as He used men to write the Bible as His pens, He will use my mouth to speak His words. It all boils down to the fact that I am holding on to part of my flesh and not being the slave to God that I am. Moses had a speech impediment Exodus 4:10, Jeremiah did too Jer 1:5-9. But look what the Lord did through them. Is He not capable of opening my mouth as well or am I just being openly defiant to Him? I know the answer and I know what I must do. The question is – Do you?

We are bought with a price, 1 Cor 6:19-20. How can we not open our mouths? Not just because we are commanded to, but because of the people that are on their way to hell. We are commanded to sow the seed and God will take care of the rest. He uses our words to tweak the conscience of others hearts, to till the ground and loosen the ground. We must simply do what we know we are to do and open our mouths and BOLDLY proclaim the TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. There will be persecution, you can count on that John 15:16-25. We must not run from God like Jonah did - Jonah 1:3. Just step out in faith that God will do what He promised. Speaking to people is by ar the hardest thing for me to do, it’s not part of my physical/ fleshly makeup. It is part of my spiritual makeup because my heart cries out for the lost, especially the lost that are really on the way to hell. The ones that are having their itching ears tickled 2 Tim 4:3 and looking for answers outside of what God revealed and still reveals to us in His Word. \I have close friends and family that are deceived by what the American form of Christianity has instilled in them. They are what’s called inoculated against the True Christianity of the Bible. They look for teachers that fit their beliefs instead of looking for teachers that teach the Word.

There is a conference scheduled for October 11th here in Paducah KY at the Cherry Civic Center. This is a free event with a lunch being served. The topics include:
What is wrong with American Christianity?
The essential elements of the Gospel
What is TRUE conversion?
Check it out here www.realtruthmatters.com Please register early as seating will be limited.

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