Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's go defense - Clap, Clap

Let’s go defense – clap clap
Let’s go defense – clap clap
Let’s go defense – clap clap

And so it goes across the U.S. at about any sporting event taking place. Oh, and throughout the church buildings as well.

My question is – Why are the churches not living offensively for Christ? No, not offending people or being a stumbling block, but by taking a proactive stand for Christ. Don’t wait for a state to legalize same sex marriages (oops, yeah California just did), don’t let the Christian nation of the USA legalize the murder of 150,000 babies each year (oops again, that’s been legal for many years with millions of innocent babies being murdered out of convenience), don’t let a small voice take God out of our schools and our government buildings (yeah, you get the idea).

It’s all already happened and now the true Christians are trying to change the downhill tumble of this nation. I balk very seriously at calling the U.S. a Christian nation any longer. Sure many profess to be Christians, but look at how they live, look at their fruits, look at who’s running for President and on the B-Line for office – a pro baby murdering/ self professing Christian. What happened? When did the Christian morals dry up and the Christian have to play defense over what is right by God’s Word instead of what is right in the eye’s of a sinful nation?

Christian’s are fighting a war, Ephesians 6:11-20 tells us that we are fighting the war and to be prepared with our loins girt with truth, the breastplate of righteousness, our feet prepared for the gospel of peace, taking the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation all defensive items and the one offensive item the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Seems like professing Christians have forgotten that the Word of God will shut the mouth’s of men. If the Word of God is proclaimed, in context of course, no one can dispute it, they will try to justify themselves, but if God’s Truth is proclaimed then His light will shine on the darkness and the Word will shut their mouth. I have encountered this before on a professing Christian blog post on myspace. There were a lot of comments/ posts by several different people – all of which claimed to know Christ. 99% were giving their point of view (which did not align with scripture) and of course was wrong and the other 1% were proclaiming truth but did not back it up by the Word of God and were hence getting dragged through the yard. I simply stated facts and then justified them by scripture and no one refuted what I had written, because the Word of God had stopped their mouths (typing in this case). I did have a few “emergent’s” call me a Pharisee and a legalist, which is usually a vain attempt at trying to veil there personal beliefs and actions outside of scripture and point the blame at someone else (many recite Matt 7:1 Judge not , that you be not judged. Don’t fall for that because we are commanded 5 verses later to not cast pearls before swine – how could we do that if we did not judge a person and determine they are swine- Another blog to come later on this subject of “Judge not…”) Of course I am neither a Pharisee nor a legalist, I am a heart torn Christian that has a bleeding heart for the lost, especially the professing Christian that knows just enough to damn themselves to hell. I was told to check out other literature of poets and New Age writers to enlighten myself (it’s a wonder they didn’t tell me to try Yoga to loosen up too) and I stood on the Word of God boldly and told them that the Bible is all the Truth I need and I didn’t need to read Nietzsche to help me understand God’s Word.

My point in all of this is that as a Christian we are commissioned by God to proclaim His Truth’s to the lost people of the world offensively and not wait to have to defend attacks. Of course in the state of society we have to constantly defend, but I challenge you to become offensive and proactive for Christ. Don’t wait for another downfall of society, take a stand for God, which is what we are actually required. Make an impact at your job other than saying “bless you” when someone sneezes, tell your teacher about creation before he cracks the book of evolution open, take initiative to clean up your neighborhood, city, state, country and world of the sinfulness that permeates society today. Proclaim Christ! Live offensively for Christ! Stop the spiral of sin. But then again, this was all foretold in Gods Word – the great apostasy, false prophets abound (see previous post), sin is common with bars and liquor stores on every corner, porn being peddled everywhere you look, the “entertainment” industries thrive on sexuality, drug use, famous people promoting false gospels (yeah you know who, Oprah, Tom Cruise, John Travolta), political candidates that need to work on their own affairs much more than they should the whole countries. Its all in the Book. Study to show thyself approved 2 Tim 2:15, Hide His Word in your heart Psalm 119:11 and proclaim His truths with BOLDNESS Eph 6:19-20, Phil 1:14, 1 Thes 2:2, Acts 4:13, Heb 13:6

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