Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Lakeland Revival

So, for the past week I have watched parts of the Lakeland revival on Godtv and also been to the freshfire homepage and interacted in their chat room (until I was kicked out for posting 1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. ) Looks like they don't want their koolaide drinkers followers to hear scriptures quoted from the Bible.

Todd Bentley seems to be the predominant figure/ personality at these revival/ healing/ anointing meetings going on in Lakeland Florida. I have put Todd to the test and he doesn't quite match up to what scripture outlines for a leader. It's not the tattoo's, I have a few myself), it's not the speaking in tongues (that's an entirely different blog to come later), it's not the bluejeans and t-shirt (although seeing him in flip flops and shorts behind a pulpit was disturbing) - it was the rapid fire "healing" the visions of an angel, insistence that everyone believe in his angel guide, the Holy Ghost hits, the constant testimony that 18 people had been raised from the dead. And that's just in the first 10 minutes tonight that I had the "revival" on. Please check out some of the videos below of Bentley's preaching/ teachings.

What is most disturbing to me is I have not once heard a proclamation of God's saving grace through His Son Jesus Christ. There are many mentions of Jesus, but always in a passing word after Bentley proclaims a healing or an annointing being released by himself or through himself. Jesus has been relegated to the backseat of the bus. I am all about being healed by the Lord, I have received some miracle healings myself. I can say that none of them "took a while to complete". Seems like bentley proclaims that a healing might begin today and take a while to come to a finish. Uh, where exactly did it take Jesus a while to heal someone? Okay, got sidetracked, but the TRUE MESSAGE for anyone proclaiming to be a messenger of God is not to be healings, wealth, annointing or whatever else sounds good at the time, it is to proclaim Christ Lord and reach out to the lost using the Word of God, the message of repentence and the regenerative power of God through His Son Jesus Christ. None of which I have heard in my hours of watching the Lakeland Variety Show, er uh Revival.

I have seen reported that Bentley says he is not sure of the spirits, angels, that come to him. He has never tested them and by deduction can not be sure that they are from God. Personally if a being other than a man were to talk to me I would probably have to ask them a few questions, ask for proof, test them if you will (1 John 4:1). I have a hard time believing many of man's proclamations that say they are messengers of God, but preach a different Jesus or receive a different spirit(2 Cor 11:4). I'm not coming down on my Pentecostal brothers, but this is not Pentacostal and most of all it's not Biblical.

If you have been following this "revival" I strongly urge you to test it, test Todd Bentley, test everything about it. If he is proclaiming anything other that the True Christ, the True God dismiis this as heresy, as a deception that you need to join me in prayer for the Lord to expose this false prophet and all others like him.

Watch these videos and see ow heretical Todd Bentley is:

Violent Healings?

Todd's First Journey to Heaven

Astral Travel/ Projection

Jesus on Earth? Show me that in scripture.

Do a search on youtube for Todd Bentley - there is plenty of video proof of this mans false teachings. If it doesn't line up with scripture then it's not true. Test.

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