Friday, June 20, 2008


Just home from a wonderful night of fellowship with a couple of good friends and their families and their pastor. We had a great BBQ meal prepared by Bobby and his wife Tina. I know it takes a lot to get something like that together and planned out, so I really appreciated what they did.

J.T. deemed it our BBQ&A, because after being fed a great meal, we were fed a great fellowship with their Pastor. All I can say is WOW! I was blown away with the knowledge and passion from him. Not at all the man centered message I have grown accustomed to at me previous church. I am currently "between churches" and from what I saw tonight I am going to look closer into Oak Grove and see if that is where God would have me be. Maybe so, maybe not. As Pastor Durham told me, there are many biblical churches out there, not just Oak Grove. He was not the typical - yeah we'd love to have you come in and fill out a visitors card, maybe get a letter from your current church and add you to our membership. He just stated, God will put you where God wants you (maybe in different wording, but the same point.

Pastor Durham answered questions that the group had and really explained election (not the Obama/ McCain presidential), predestination, being called, etc. This is an area that I struggle to understand and he put it into words I could understand, using scripture to show us. It all starts with the Sovereignty of God and that everything happens to bring glory to Him. I will not even try to explain it myself right now, because I am still not 100% sure on the doctrine of election. I won't put it out there only to be wrong. That is not what this blog is for. This blog is here to put the Truth of Gods Word out there as it is written and not by my infant understanding of some things. But to God be the glory I am pursuing His truth and He is allowing me to speak for Him, even though I speak babble most of the time, when God wants to say something - He will.

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