Sunday, May 25, 2008

Repent and be blessed?

First let me qualify this posting. The Lord has really opened my eyes over the past 12-18 months to a lot that goes on by preachers. The twisting of scriptures, the declaration of people being "saved", "God shaped holes", etc. I have been praying for months that my current home church would see that what is being proclaimed is not biblical. The pastor has been confronted and agreed, but thencontinued his course. This was done by a good friend of mine on a few occasions. I have confronted the associate pastor and he has likewise remained on his course. I have heard them both on several occasions declare people saved because they said a magical prayer. That's just not biblical, especially from leaders in churches.

This leads to my point. I have been praying for either the Lord to lead me to a new church or the leaders of my current church to see their errors. I have neither right now, but know it must be the former... I must find a biblically sound church home with leadership that lead biblically and are not worried if they step on a few toes, as long as they procalim the true Gospel.

Today's message started this morning, it was about being in Gods favor. Kind of a quasi-name it and claim it message, even thought the pastor said "we are not a name it and claim it church". Being in God's favor is biblical and he started out with his 5 point message. The first point was prayer - O.K. so far, you must be prayerfully seeking God. Second tithing/ giving, still O.K. Then we get the invitation/ altar call and it is status quo, declaring people saved.

The sermon continued this evening. A recap of the first 2 points, on to the third - Repentance. I thought great, wonderful! He is going to proclaim Christ's command to repent or perish Luke 13:3, 5. A big wrong-o. He used Acts 3:19 as his text for this point which is "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. " His point was Repent in order to gain God's favor. WHAT? Did he just say that? He even went on to say " The messages we (modern preachers) give today do not say much about repentance, judgement or accountability. We fluff things up so we don't step on many toes, but you must repent in order to gain Gods favor and be blessed".

I believe this may have been God's way of telling me to get out of this heretical teaching and into a scripurally sound church. I have really hoped and prayed that my current church leadership would realize the error of their ways, but who am I to tell them they aren't biblical? I haven't got a theology degree or even been inside of a seminary. I just love the Lord and His Word and He has granted me eyes and ears that are very discerning. Praise the Lord for that.

So if anyone knows of any biblically sound, Word of the Lord proclaiming churches in the Paducah Kentucky area, please let me know. I have one in mind that I have heard some very favorable things about the pastor.

Catch ya next time, until then repent and be blessed saved!

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