Saturday, May 24, 2008

What is Truth?

Hi all. This blog is in it's very infant stage of planning. I pray that this becomes a tool for current believers, those that the Lord is drawing to Him and those that believe they are born again and sadly aren't.

I challenge readers to check out what I write and see how it aligns with God's Word, because that is my only concern. I am not concerned with personal "opinion" unless it lines up with scripture. Please don't email me or comment if you start out with "In my opinion..." unless it can be backed up with scripture as well. I do enjoy constructive dialog, I am by no means a biblical scholar or teacher. I am just a small voice of a wretched sinner that deserves nothing but hellfire and damnation and instead God has given me His Grace and Forgiveness. I am truly heartbroken as the many lost that profess to be Christians and are on the fast track to hell.

I plead that you to do as 2 Cor. 13:5 commands us and examine to see if you are in the faith. Chances are if you never had a permanent, life changing experience with the Lord, if you have not turned from your sinful life, if you think that a single profession of faith or decision saved you, if you base your salvation on a preachers word, if your bible hasn't been opened in years, if you can live in sin daily without remorse, if you think Jesus is your get out of hell free ticket, if your statement of faith starts out " I am a good person, if you have done anything other than repent of your sins and follow Christ, then you are not born again.

What the Lord begins, he will finish - Phil. 1:6. If God started a good work in you, salvation, He will continue and you will continue. You will not look back at the sins you once loved and desire to return to them Luke 9:62. The Lord is faithful and true and will not halfway do anything in your life. You will not despise reading Gods Word, His love letter to you, you will not despise fellowship with believers, you will not desire to live of the world but to be in the world proclaiming Gods Name.

Live your life with boldness for Christ. Anything less you should question. Pray for forgiveness and REPENT and follow Christ - Matt. 4:17 are Jesus' very first recorded Words when He began His ministry. Luke 13:3,5 the Lord Himself states again to REPENT or perish, not say this short prayer - make this profession of faith - come down the isle after 5 stanzas of "Just As I Am" - write this date in the back of your bible ... He says REPENT OR PERISH. Understand also that repenting is not a one time affair, it is a lifestyle and if you are truely born again, then you will be repenting daily, hourly, every waking moment.

I invite you to check out some of my study links. Use them as tools for your walk with the Lord.
Until next time - Acts 4:13
Live your life so that everyone you come into contact with will KNOW that you have been with Jesus

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